Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger - Industrial

Advantages for Chemical and Industrial
• Wide selection of gasket and plate materials to stand up to aggressive
process fluids
• Ease of cleaning and inspection
• Semi-welded pairs and gasketed plates available
• Semi-welded pairs reduce the chance of leakage
• Flexible configurations can be adapted to meet your changing process
• Efficient operation
• High thermal efficiency saves money through reduction in required heat
transfer area
• Low liquid hold-up improves start-up time and reduces operating
fluid costs
• Achieves up to 97% heat recovery
• Eliminates complicated maintenance such as x-ray, ultrasonic and other
non-destructive test procedures
• Corrosion resistant materials reduce inspection and maintenance while
ensuring reliable operation
• No moving parts eliminates vibration and reduces maintenance
• Lower capital costs when compared to traditional shell and tube
• Compact design saves space
• Life cycle cost reduction
• Reduced fouling leads to higher thermal efficiency, reducing
maintenance and operating costs

Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers - Sanitary

SPX FLOW provides an unmatched range of sanitary plate heat exchangers that feature:

• 3A and FDA compliance

• Optimum run time

• DuoSafety system

• Manual or hydraulic closure

• Designed for ease of inspection and cleaning

• Efficient operation

• Compact size

• Durable construction

• Frame longevity

• Flexible configurations

• High and low-leg designs available SPX FLOW offers innovative plate designs to match your requirements, including:

• Gasket attachment options — Glue free — Glued: FDA compliant heat cured for optimum bond An APV specialist will help you determine which method is most suitable for your specific application.

• Both parallel and, for tougher applications, diagonal flow

• Wide variety of plate configurations available

• Unique design ensures easy cleanability

Tubular Heat Exchangers


• High operating pressure (thermal process of high viscous products)

• High operating temperature

• Edible oil (regeneration and heating)

• Heating by steam / thermal oil

• Long running time

• Aseptic process of dairy products, pulpy juices

• Easy maintenance, low cost

 Gaskets are the only required spare part

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Available types include:

• Double tube, Triple tube, Quadruple tube or Multitube

• ParaTubes are manufactured with corrugated tubes or smooth tubes Material in contact with product:

• Standard offering is AISI 316/316L

• Other materials are available for some types and designs (AISI 304 / 304L, AISI 316Ti, DUPLEX (2205, 2507))